Security and the protection of your funds is our top priority.


Bitcoin Cold Storage

As part of our commitment to safeguarding your funds, we use the cold storage method. This means that your funds are not present on our web server or any other computer, but instead on an external storage device, completely safe from hackers. The only amount kept on our server is the anticipated amount needed to quickly process your withdrawal requests. Everything else is locked up for safekeeping, away from the eyes and hands of thieves.

All funds are fully hedged on the largest global exchanges and are never impacted by Bitcoin rate fluctuations. You have our promise that the security and stability of your deposited funds will always be among our top priorities.


Tier-One Processing

Our commitment to fast and easy deposit and withdrawal procedures is centered around our relationships with only the best payment processors. We’ve forged solid business connections with some of the top banks in the world and are continually working to fine-tune our payment processes. Rest assured that we do our very best to ensure that your deposits and withdrawals are secure and hassle-free.


Human Intelligent Withdrawal Execution

Withdrawals at CryptoRocket are swift! Our payments team works 24/7 and we always have sufficient staff on hand to ensure all withdrawals are processed into your Bitcoin wallet as swiftly as possible (subject to the speed of the blockchain - it’s often way faster than this). Part of the role of the payment team is to ensure that withdrawals are going to your actual wallet and not to a stranger if your account has been compromised. Our team checks IP records, user analysis patterns and flags, and if there is any doubt - like if you’ve not enabled 2FA - then they’ll email you just to confirm that the withdrawal is legitimate before processing. This mitigates a common issue users experience where compromised accounts are drained by malicious actors.


2FA Capable Accounts and User Behaviour Analysis Security

CryptoRocket uses user behaviour analysis to programmatically analyse the habits of users login and transfer patterns. This enables us to flag and analyse patterns of behaviour that may be out of the ordinary like logins that are different parts of the world or time zone changes in order to help mitigate and query unauthorised attempts at withdrawals or transfers. CryptoRocket gives users the capability to utilise two-factor authentication (we recommend Authy) to add an extra layer of security to their accounts on top of this analysis. 2FA is used to authorise all withdrawals and users who request a withdrawal without 2FA enabled will get an email also to ensure that the withdrawal request is legitimate.

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