Metatrader 4 on Mobile

MT4 iOS App User Guide

MetaTrader 4 is the world's most popular Forex trading platform, using your MetaTrader 4 app you control your account, trade and analyze the Forex market using technical indicators and graphical objects.

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1 Create an Account

1. On the left bar click on the user icon
2. A panel on the left will open, on the top right corner, click on the + (plus) icon.
3. In the "New Account" pop-up wind you can choose between "Login with existing account" if you have a Real account or you can "Open a demo account" instead.

2 Open a Demo Account

1. On the Search Bar, start typing "CryptoRocket"
2. Then click on CryptoRocket-Demo3
3. After that just fill the required information and press "Create Account".

Note: Make sure you press the sign up to newsletter tick box, and sometimes you need to select the country option again before it will let you proceed. Once your registration is complete your demo account details will appear on screen – and be emailed to you. Press ‘Done’ to finish the process and you’ll be redirected to the chart window.

3 Login to an existing account

1. On the Search Bar, start typing "CryptoRocket"
2. Then click on CryptoRocket-Real3 or CryptoRocket-Demo3, corresponding to your account
3. After that enter your E-mail and password and then press "Sign In".

4 Chart Screen

1. By tapping on anywhere on the chart a "Select Wheel" will appear, there you can choose different timeframes (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1)
2. Select the instrument to be displayed in the chart window. This is a non-exhaustive list, and if a symbol is missing you’ll need to go to the quotes section of the app in order to add it.


1. Clicking on the "Arrows" icon, a sidebar will show the available symbols
2. Then, you can select one of the shown Symbols and that will be translated to the Main Chart
3. By holding on one of the Symbols a menu will appear. There you can choose to open a New order, see the Symbol properties or change the view changing between Simple and Advanced view mode.
4. You can also open a new trade by clicking in the icon on the top right corner.

6 Open a trade

After clicking on New order a new side bar will appear.

1. First, select the type of order you wish to place. There are five available types of order:
Instant Execution (Market Order)
Buy Limit
Sell Limit
Buy Stop
Sell Stop
2. Customize Stop Loss (on the left) and Take Profit (on the right).
3. After customizing the fields, tap ‘buy’ or ‘sell’. Once your trade has been placed, you will receive an execution confirmation that you now hold an open position.

Close a trade
In order to close open positions you have to go to the ‘Trade’ window. Tap and hold the selected position until the sub-menu is displayed and tap ‘Close order’. If you receive a price at which you wish to exit your trade, confirm the volume size and tap ‘next’. When your request has been executed, you will get a confirmation on screen.

Modify an order

To modify an order, you have to go to the Trade window. Select the order you want to modify. Tap and hold to open the sub-menu Modify to change the Stop Loss and/or Take Profit. Adjust the parameters ‘Stop Loss’ and/or ‘Take Profit’ and tap ‘Right key’ to close the keyboard and then ‘Modify’. When your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation.


In this area you have a full overview of your closed trades, cancelled or amended pending orders, deposits and withdrawals. You can customise the time frame, by tapping the ‘clock’ option at the top right. To search the history by instrument, enter the instrument name in the search box.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about CryptoRocket please contact the live chat team using the bottom right button on which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.